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About us

We believe that local challenges can be best addressed and solved through locally developed solutions.
We believe that digital technologies have huge potential for enabling sustainable development along the SDGs.
We believe that peer-learning plays a pivotal role in this.

That’s why we support the development of local digital innovations in five countries and foster the establishment of cross-regional networks across three continents.

We are a team of six GIZ staff implementing the programme Innovation Factory which is commissioned by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

Where we work






Our Aim

We identify, support and develop digital innovations with positive impact towards the Sustainable Development Goals & promote global partnerships and tech transfer.

Our Approach

By running workshops and bootcamps in our five partner countries we identify local societal challenges and related local innovative digital approaches from startups, non-profits and others. The most promising ones we support through our Digital Innovation Accelerator  and Co-Creation processes  using a human-centered design approach and building on the Digital Principles to ensure the developed solutions bring real value to its intended users.

We furthermore support the scaling, transfer and adaptation of innovative digital approaches and solutions to other regional contexts that are facing similar challenges.

In all our activities we aim to foster cross-regional exchange between innovators. That’s why we create inspiring learning environments by bringing founders and teams from very different backgrounds, sectors and at very different stages in their journey together and enable the participating teams to learn from each other’s successes and failures. That’s why we also conduct learning journeys to different countries (so far Germany and Ghana) bringing together founders with key players of the local digital ecosystem from different countries.

Our Network

Our team

Wolfgang Hesse

Head of Project

Dr. Johannes Anhorn

Senior Project Manager

Markus Scheffel


Stefanie Mayer

Project Manager

Dr. Martina Maurer

Project Manager

Milena Stolz

Junior Advisor