About us

The innovation factory global initiative, commissioned by BMZ and implemented by GIZ, provides a space for thinking and acting outside the box in the field of international cooperation. It aims to support professionals in networks for health, agriculture and nature conservation in identifying shared solutions to problems in their respective thematic areas.


Innovation Factory – Project Team

The key methodology involves the professionals themselves determining the needs in their own countries, and the networks in each of the countries sharing their knowledge and best practices between continents.

The common goal in nine countries around the world (Cameroon, Ethiopia, Germany, Ghana, Indonesia, Kenya, Mexico, Senegal and Tanzania) is to jointly develop projects that can be realised immediately. A multi-stakeholder unit in each country assumes responsibility for organising its own project development process. The resulting solutions will lead to long-term improvements in the lives of small farmers, mothers and children, and people in their communities.

In the light of the sustainable development goals (SDGs) this new initiative contributes to a new global partnership. In the innovation factory, this means working together as equals to overcome the traditional donor-recipient relationship.

About the community

The innovation factory consists of an international network with self-steered units in nine countries worldwide.

Methodological coaches and technical advisors are available  to support the country units during the needs assessment, knowledge sharing and project development process.

A virtual community platform has been created to allow close contact across continents beyond international face2face meetings. The purpose of the virtual community is to put the five guiding principles of innovation factory into practice:

  • Be part of an active network
  • Make use of the impetus provided: Technical advisors assure a good standard of knowledge for all members of the community on the virtual platform.
  • Take the chance to realise your solutions: Sharing best practices offers the chance to develop members’ own ideas into viable solutions that otherwise may have gone unnoticed.
  • Facilitate knowledge sharing: Through the virtual community platform, all innovation factory members can share valuable knowledge on an equal basis.
  • Create a new global partnership: This partnership lives in all discussions, knowledge sharing and joint approaches that take place on the virtual platform and in face2face meetings.
Networking across borders is an essential key for the success of the project

Networking across borders is an essential key for the success of the innovation factory