future4Nature Mexico

3 Apr 17
Mexico is one of the twelve countries in the world with the highest biodiversity. It hosts between 10 and 12 % of the biological diversity on only 1,5% of the surface ...

future4Nature Indonesia

3 Apr 17
Global drivers like industrialization, high energy consumption and a rising demand for raw materials lead to uncontrolled mining and lodging as well as unprecedented greenhouse gas emissions, often at the cost ...

future4Nature Ghana

3 Apr 17
Ghana has one of the largest artificial lakes called Lake Volta. In addition, there are only some smaller lakes in the country and one natural lake. The only natural lake of ...

future4Nature Germany

3 Apr 17
Nature, biodiversity and ecosystems are globally under severe threat. Despite of the fact that many people have a positive attitude towards nature and its conservation, we see biodiversity and ecosystem losses ...

Future4Nature kick-off Mexico

18 Okt 16
Kick-off Workshop, August 2016 in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico How can we help young people to develop innovative ideas and design their own environmental conservation-related projects and businesses, with a view to achieving ...


19 Nov 15