What is the Digital Innovation Accelerator?

The Innovation Factory Digital Innovation Accelerator is a multi-stage programme that includes a 6-month acceleration programme and a final competition.

Participants begin by submitting their digital innovation solutions for Gender Equality, EduTech as well as Environmental Climate Action-related topics. 45 short-listed teams will participate in the Innovation Factory Acceleration programme where they will – among others – receive capacity building support; refine their business models and pitch strategy; optimise their SDG impacts; and work on their investment readiness.

At the end of the acceleration phase, teams will submit their refined business plans to compete for the final prize. 12 winning teams of the competition stage will receive tailored support packages equivalent to 15.000€ each that will go into further development of their products and/or the scaling of their start-ups. Additionally successful teams will also profit from the Innovation Factory’s network.



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Digital Innovation Bootcamp

is an opportunity for early-stage innovators who are keen on developing a sustainable business model around their digital innovations. The bootcamp cultivates digital start-ups with the capacity and agility to disrupt traditional models and processes to support sustainable development in the form of climate smart agriculture, virtual knowledge transfers, bridging of the gender gap, and more.

Digital Innovation Idea Competition (coming soon)

is suited for digital innovators who are operating sustainable businesses around their digital innovations. The 2019 Digital Innovation Idea Competition is currently aimed to be launched in June 2019. The winners will benefit from a six month acceleration programme during which they will be supported individually and tailor-made by an experienced facilitator in refining their digital innovation and developing the business model around the digital innovation further. A focus will also be on the development of financing models for the digital innovation and the elaboration of a growth strategy.


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