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Currently looking for:
financing, workingcapital



Ethiopia’s logistics situation, particularly the truck road logistics, is one of the main challenges that is negatively affecting the country’s competitiveness in the world market. The freight logistic industry is characterized by uncoordinated movement of goods and vehicle, inefficiencies, lack of trust and expensive and opaque pricing.


Across Express is a digital logistics platform that connects users with the needs of freight shipment and with service providers (e.g. small or heavy-duty trucks) by using mobile and web apps as well as call centers. Shippers are benefiting from the platform as they can their lower freight logistics costs and improve their efficiency. The platform is also increasing the income of carriers as they get access to jobs nearby.


Small Agricultural businesses including farmers, manufacturing companies and freight forwarders who are looking for a new, more efficient way of accessing freight vehicles that does not include a lot of phone calls, lack of trust as well as expensive and opaque pricing. The platform by Across Express is providing them access to different freight vehicles near them with a single call or few clicks. Through the platform the users will also have access to an overview of competitive prices, which leads to quick access to existing and new market increasing farmers income. Drivers reduces idle time and empty truck movement leading to efficient utilization of their freight vehicle.
Addis Ababa


Mintesnot Tsadiku


Holds, and MA in Engineering and cultural studies. 10+ years of experience in entrepreneurship business development in Ethiopia.

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