Small food vendors face difficulties to run their businesses. In order to get more profit margins, they start working from 3 am by going to the central market and buying groceries. Usually they open their vendors at 6 am and close them at 9 pm, giving them limited time to spend with their family. However, the long working hours are not the only challenges. They also have to spend more money on the goods, because they buy groceries with retail prices and have additional costs simply by going to the central market.


Aglonera is a digital platform where small food vendors can buy the groceries in bulk directly from producers like farmers, breeders and other actors in the food industry. We also provide them with delivery services to save their time and cost burden and therefore increase their profit margins and work-life-balance.


Small food vendors like street food vendors, low-end restaurants and small catering companies. With aglonera, small food vendors can save up to 15% on raw material costs. We can provide the products cheaper (due to buy in bulk and directly from producers), and they can save 2 - 3 hours a day that they would spend on buying groceries at the central market.


Febri Aditya


A Mechanical and Bio-system Engineering graduate from IPB University (Indonesia). Has 6 years of experiences in business and agriculture trading.

Abdul Akbar Aziz


A System Informatics graduate from IPB University (Indonesia). Has 10 years of experiences in System and Apps development.

Maylsha Tiara

Business Developer

A Science Communication graduate from University of Indonesia. Has 2 years of experiences in Marketing and Development. Former founder of
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