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Currently looking for:
funding, partnership, training



The methods for transferring knowledge in Ethiopia are showing a lack of efficiency and convenience while at the same time being expensive. Additionally, they are not leveraging the chances by the digital transformation. This is creating less knowledgeable and unskilled employees.


We solve the problem mentioned above by providing a domestic eLearning platform for the Ethiopian Youth. The platform includes tutorial videos and college level online courses and addresses the higher education students via internet. The online video courses will be prepared based on the Ethiopian curriculum and will be presented in Amharic as a start. In the future we will potentially create courses in other Ethiopian languages too.


The educational institutions in the country are predominantly monopolized by the governmental institutions. Furthermore, there are no colleges or universities with mainstream eLearning platforms in the country that can provide students with quality and convenience coupled with low costs.
Addis Ababa


Abenezer Zeleke

Product manager and website developer

Electrical Engineering BSC from Addis Ababa University

Dagim Temesgen

Creative director and graphic designer

Mechanical Engineering BSC from Addis Ababa University

Ermyas Yeneneh

CFO and PR

Electrical engineering BSC from Addis Ababa University

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