Currently looking for:
financing, logistic, mentoring

Currently looking for:
financing, logistic, mentoring



Our reusable pads meet the needs of girls and women during menstruation as these pads have an economic and social price. Additionally, the pads are sustainable and therefore protect the environment by respecting the conditions of waste disposal.


Accessibility of towels at all budgets by selling them locally and online. Local manufacturing of the product which allows a certain abundance (no disruption in the market).


Girls who cannot afford sanitary napkins every month and women who care about the environment. The customers of our reusable pads are motivated by these factors: The quality-price relationship and the degree of ease of use and respect for the environment and sanitation.


Fatou Bintou THIAM

president of the ASM association, entrepreneur and manager

Holds a patent and right for her product: „Maam Pads“. Training in business administration at UQAM University, Montreal-Quebec. Holder of a bachelor’s degree in IT Management at SUP‘INFO school in Dakar

Anta Abdou DIOUCK

vice president of the ASM association

Holder of a master’s degree in Human Resources Manager (HRM) at the Ecole Supérieure Polytechnique de Dakar
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