Currently looking for:
financing, fundraising, marketing, mentoring

Currently looking for:
financing, fundraising, marketing, mentoring



There is no service to collect recycling materials from home, so most of the material are thrown away with an inappropriate destination. Not being able to connect to collectors and recycled centers is a big problem for people who are recycling. There is no adequate recycling system that motivates and makes it easier for citizens to do so.


A technological platform where people who recycle (Environmental Partners) can publish their material for recycling, so that waste collectors and recycling centers see the posted material and make an offer to pick it up. Each stakeholder will be able to see how much material has been recycled and of what type. Based on this, an ecological report is generated, which shows all ecological, social and economic benefits.


Our Environmental Partners connect more easily with their Ecological Collectors and earn money for the recycled material. The Ecological Collectors and Recycling Centers get more material in a more efficient process, which is why they earn more money in general. In Latin America we generate 541,000 tons of garbage a day and recycle less than 10%, which is a big ecological and societal challenge. There are more than 20,000 Recycling Centers in Mexico, which shows the great potential.
Monterrey, N.L.


Salvador Pérez Alfaro


He is a mechanical engineer administrator. Has experiences in quality management, sales, production and entrepreneurship.

Juan Vazquez


He is a informatics engineer and software architect.

Daniel Leija


He is a informatics engineer and software developer.
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