Urban transportation systems in Indonesia are not integrated and incoherent, one of which is caused by the absence of a reliable last-mile solution. Meanwhile, the existing last-mile solution, dockless bike sharing, has caused new problems such as oversupply and vandalism.


GetBike is a customizable ride sharing solution that can be designed to suit the targeted area, to ensure precise system planning and suit customer’s needs. We place docking stations at transit stations and points of interest to ensure a seamless user journey experience.


The city authorities who want to improve connectivity in dense areas and stimulate the surrounding local economy. 100+ tourism area managers who want to provide easy mobility for visitors. More than 5.5 million commuters who need mobility facilities to ease their way from the transit station to their final destination.
We were established in 2014 as a sustainable transport consultancy. In 2018 we started to transform into startups.


Anugrah Nurrewa

CEO, transport planner and designer

Holds 2 Industrial Design IP Rights for bicycle design and parking dock design. Bachelor of Design in Industrial Design, M.Eng. in Transportation Planning.

Ksatriya Anantayutya

CTO, system architecture, UX and front end developer

B.Eng. in Petroleum Engineering.

Baskara Aditama

Advisor, business development, hardware architecture

Ex-Schlumberger. B.Eng in Electrical Engineering, gained MBA from HEC Paris.

Imam Nazhar

Advisor, customer acquisition

13 years in digital agency. Faculty of Communication (unfinished).

Bagja Julinanda


Business Development, Partner acquisition. 3 years as Marketing Manager at Pos Indonesia (state-owned postal service). B. of Management (Unpad).
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