Currently looking for:
financing, marketing, techsupport

Currently looking for:
financing, marketing, techsupport



Food waste in industrialized countries is a global issue with environmental, social and health consequences for the entire population.
Our current lifestyles mostly in cities and irresponsible consumption habits are the main cause for those issues.
People don’t know or know just a little about their food, its origin and how to store it properly.


Biogrün prevents food waste while conserving your health, community and the environment. Through an app and a collaborative database about food conservation, gives advice when your food is near to spoil, offering tips and tricks to conserve it, transform it and buy it from local sources of supply. It offers a smart shopping service to buy fresh ingredients from local producers in the necessary amount to cook a specific menu co-designed to protect your health while conserving the environment. With that in mind, we encourage responsible consumption habits, healthy diets, the cultural rescue of traditional ingredients and create a sustainable social network around food.


Citizens who look for practical and easy ways to save money and time while conserving their groceries by avoiding to forget them in the fridge, and those citizens who are concerned about how to live a sustainable lifestyle through a zero-waste culture and local consumption. Local sellers or producers who want to position their businesses onto digital platforms. Just in Mexico City, the Covid-19 pandemic has forced more than 400 “tianguis”, local markets and informal markets to close, forcing them to migrate into digital platforms.
Mexico City


Valeria Michel Nova Cázares


Designer, volunteer and entrepreneur. Has 3 industrial design registers at IMPI by UNAM for her collaborative project Biogrün, and 2 national and international awards for her products in the same project. Graduated from CIDI, UNAM with exchange studies in Universidad de Los Andes, Colombia, has a bachelor degree in Industrial Design.

Ingrid Segura


Industrial designer. Studied at UNAM, CIDI. Studied industrial design at Chiba University, Japan as an exchange student from 2017 to 2018.

Jimena Aranda


Architect. Studied at UNAM and develops her thesis about organic waste management.

Andrea Naranjo


Entrepreneur, designer, and food lover. She has experience in sustainability and user-centered design. She holds a bachelor in Industrial Design from the UNAM’s Industrial Design Research Center (CIDI).
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