Currently looking for:
financing, mentoring, networking

Currently looking for:
financing, mentoring, networking



Waste pollution is one of the biggest problems we are currently facing in Mexico. The reasons are a lack of information about correct disposal, waste materials and how and where to recycle. There is also lack of connectivity between the key stakeholders of the consumption-waste management system (consumer, collection centres, consumer brands, recyclers). There are millions of people in Mexico who live from collecting and sorting waste and their work has not been recognized throughout decades. Consumer brands (CPGs) have signed international agreements with ambitious recycling objectives that they need to download locally and want to recycle their packaging waste but do not know where or how to start – nor do they know what and how to communicate their efforts with their consumers.


Ecolana is a digital platform that helps consumers with information about waste materials, how to recycle and where to take their recyclables. Citizens can find a dictionary with 28 waste materials and a map with filters of waste types and locations to find the nearest recycling point. Ecolana gives visibility to such collection centres on its digital map and connects them with recyclers and consumer brands in order to activate the recycling market of waste materials in great volumes, allowing collection centres to get better incomes, professionalize and recognize their work and value on the waste management system. Ecolana assesses CPGs to develop recycling strategies with a focus on inclusive recycling (practice in LATAM that involves collection centres and urban scavengers) in order to activate the recycling market in great volumes and to develop communication strategies for their consumers around such campaigns to help them recycle their products.


On the one hand, citizens who want to recycle and do not know where or how to start. Our audience are mostly women between 25 and 45 years old who are concerned about the environment and the future of their children. On the second hand, collection centres who want to grow and professionalize their work by getting connected with recyclers and consumer brands. Third and lastly, our agency services involve CPGs and small businesses that want to develop and communicate recycling campaigns.
Mexico City
In 2016 we started operations and in 2018 Ecolana was legally constituted.


Lisseth Cordero

Development of collection centres community and commercial prospection.

She is an industrial engineering from Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México with work background in business intelligence and market research.

Alejandra Valdez

Development of recycling heroes (users) community, digital analysis, human resources and administration.

She is an environment engineer from Instituto Politecnico with work background in project management and educational systems.

Mariana Soto

Business development, website improvements and institutional relations.

She holds a Masters degree in Business Management and bachelor in Hospitality management with work background in international business development and public relations.
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