Currently looking for:
financing, marketing, mentorship

Edu Tech

Currently looking for:
financing, marketing, mentorship



Customers looking for tutors, either for themselves or their kids, make credibility and price their priorities. Yet, they heavily rely on mere assumptions and referrals from people. There isn’t a convenient and reliable way to hire a tutor based on one’s specific needs.


Haleta Tutors connects people looking for tutors with qualified and experienced tutors for academics or language proficiency sessions. Through our website, students or parents are able to search for tutors based on their location, subject, grade level, price, and more. We then make progress assessments on our tutor’s sessions to ensure provision of high-quality service.


Parents who want their kids to get ahead in academics and adults looking to improve their language skills, primarily English. Tutors who want to help others improve their skills and make a living. By connecting students with top tutors, we are able to get them the personalized attention that would allow them to excel and get ahead in their class or language skills. On the other end, we provide jobs for tutors, relieving them from frustrations like late payments, conflicting schedules, and lengthy travel distance.
Addis Ababa
August 2019


Natnael Alemayehu

Marketing Lead

Computer Science student at African Leadership University

Nathnael Akale

Tech Lead

Software Engineering student at Addis Ababa Institute of Technology

Kidus Zerihun

Operations Lead

Automotive technology management student at Tegbared TVET
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