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As a child, we were alwaysdrawn to cartoons. Sometimes we would stay for hours watching them. These cartoons, like Kiricou, Simba, Dora, have contributed a lot to the education of our children. They also made them discover culture and experience other countries outside of Senegal. However, according to a study conducted in Senegal, it appears that more than 90% of the animated content that our children watch in our cell phones, tablets and computers, have no connection with the educational and cultural context of Senegal and Africa. This means that our children cannot find African cartoon characters who they can identify with.


Kartoon Afrika is setting up a platform for distributing and creating animated cartoons to promote Senegalese and African education and culture. For 4 years we are initiating the creation of cartoons about children from the regions of Dakar, Thies and Ziguinchor. The result are 30 short films available on our YouTube channel „Kartoon Afrika tivi“. Our solution is innovative, because it brings together the creative genius of children and youth, the magic of cartoons and the power of digitalization to allow our youth an access to different animated resources related to African culture. We also allow our youth to create animated content drawn from their imagination.


Children and young people who want to see cartoons about Senegalese culture. Parents who want their children to have access to digital content on education and culture in Senegal. Youth, teachers and even parents who want to create an educational cartoon for youth.


Issaba Ba

Project Manager

Graphic designer and digital entrepreneur. Project Manager and Deputy Coordinator of Kartoon Afrika.

Rassoul Niang

Artistic Manager

Illustrator and 2D/3D video animator. Artistic manager of the Kartoon Afrika project.

Fatoumata Diarahou Diallo

Network Manager

Graphic designer, Entrepreneur and changemaker. Coordinator of Kartoon Afrika.
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