Waste is a big problem in Indonesia as we are facing big plastic pollution in the ocean. Indonesia is known as the 2nd largest plastic waste contributor to the ocean. The question and core issue is how to manage waste on land so that it will not even reach the ocean.


We create 3 apps (individual, waste bank, buyer). The apps integrate actors from “individual”, “waste bank” and “buyer”. We empower waste banks as the solution for waste management so that their businesses will sustain. The apps will record all recyclable waste collected and distribute it to the recycling manufacturer.


We target each individual (at least 2,6 million or 1% of total population) to deposit waste and earn money. We also aim that all current waste banks (around 8000 across Indonesia) will use our apps. We also connect with around 500 recycling manufacturers across Indonesia.


Emil Kaburuan

Founder and CEO

He is also serving as assistant professor at Bina Nusantara University has more than 10 years’ experience in research and teaching in various countries including: Sweden, Malawi, Mongolia, Taiwan and the Philippines. He has long track in innovation focusing human and technology as well as entrepreneurship.


Co-Founder, Commissioner and CFO

She is also serving as HOD Accounting and Finance – Bina Nusantara University, has more than 25 years of teaching experience in the fields of accounting, finance, managerial, public sector, sustainability and management control systems. Besides being active and involved as a reviewer in Sustainability Award activities by NCSR held in Indonesia every year. As a member of the forum at FGCSR-IAI KAPD, she has a research focus which her current interest is related to two major areas namely Accounting for Biodiversity, and Big data Analytics for Accounting.

Marlon Kamagi

Co-Founder and COO

He has long passionate in climate change activist from 2011. He has established more than ten waste bank in North Celebes. He also actively trains about waste management through waste bank. He is the Climate Reality Leader @the Climate Reality Project, Vibrant Facilitator Club (Inspirit) and Global Alumni Network (AAI).

Manila Kristin

Co-Founder and CTO

She is member of Indonesia disable right organization (OHANA). She graduated from Information System Department at Duta Wacana Christian University. She has passionate in Information System since her study as she served as Lecturer assistant for several courses. Prior to KOMPIS, she involves in several freelances IT and digital design projects.
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