Currently looking for:
financing, mentoring, networking

Currently looking for:
financing, mentoring, networking



Mental health issues are still considered as a taboo in Ethiopia. Even those who do not consider it as one, believe that the problems will go away if just being ignored. People here are crying out for help and no one is listening. They need a way to discuss what is bothering them without the stigma or fear of judgment. They need a way to let it out without making it everyone’s business and they need to do this with affordable and accessible methods. There has not been a way to satisfy their needs until now.


LSSYA is an online counselling system that virtually connects users with professional psychologists. It is a user friendly, time saving, fast, comfortable and extremely secure system.


Our target group is people of age 14 to 29 who are urban or sub urban residents of Ethiopia. We chose this group as they are more susceptible to change and to adapt to technology not to mention with more access to internet connection. We will be expanding our target group and including new methods to address them as we grow.
Addis Ababa


Lidia Solomon

Ux/UI designer, brand marketing, graphic designer, entrepreneur

5+ years experience in coding starting from grade 9. A nineteen years old tech enthusiast, entrepreneur, motivational speaker and public speaker. Currently enrolled in first year of college in computer science.
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