Currently looking for:
financing, marketing, mentoring, techsupport

Currently looking for:
financing, marketing, mentoring, techsupport



77% of people in LATAM do not know that they are suffering from a mental health condition such as stress, anxiety or depression. Therefore, do not get any treatment until they have a crisis. Some facts: Only 1 in 5 people diagnosed is being treated by a professional psychologist. 80% of people with a mental health condition do not have access to professional care. The OMS assert that by 2020 depression will occupy the first place of disability within productive societies.


A digital platform that is focused on prevention by providing content and information, workshops and talks, as well as on treatment by creating access to psychological care therapies and an emotional self-management tool kit with activities and achievements every day.
Our solution supports individuals in their search of wellbeing. Mind2 helps them during this process with access to verified therapists for everyone, everywhere and at any time and with on demand content for mindfulness, meditation, guided breaths and easy yoga exercises.


People (85% women) between 25 and 55 years old with smartphone and internet access. Considering 29% of the adult population is battling with mental health issues: Argentina: 9,438,000 / Chile: 3,861,000 / Colombia: 10,510,500 / Ecuador: 3,539,250 / Peru: 6,756,750 / Mexico: 26,383,500 ››› Total: 60,489,000
Mexico City


Jorge Acevedo

CEO & Product Manager

Holds an MBA by IPADE Business School and worked for Google.

Martina Sanseau

COO & Customer Service

Holds an BA’s in International Relationships and Founded an Educational ONG.
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