We help to solve 3 problems of massive tourism: 

  1. A lot of money – which is only distributed to a few : more than 80% of earnings are received by big foreign companies.
  2. A lot of travelers – who are concentrated on a few places: 93% of tourists travel only to 7% of possible destinations. This generates huge negative impacts for the environment (trash, water pollution, environmental degradation)
  3. A lot of tourism – with a very little local integration: locals only receive 7% of what travelers actually pay


Natoure is a digital community that shifts the way we do conservation and social inclusion in Latin America in 2 ways: 

  1. We have a Sustainable Tourism App that connects travelers with local communities and managers from natural protected areas.
  2. Natoure is also a platform for citizen science and political advocacy.



We generate benefits for 3 different groups: 1. Responsible Travelers: who buy travel products (experiences, lodging, souvenirs) directly from local and indigenous communities. These purchases contribute to the conservation of natural protected areas. 2. Local and indigenous communities can create their products and offer them to the world (Experiences, lodging, gastronomy, handcraft and products). 3. Natural protected areas administrations have information about travelers’ interactions, citizens concentration, sustainable performance of each community, etc.


Alejandra Rios

Operations Director

Holds a Master of Science in Forest Management and is an Environmental Engineer

Rodolfo Salinas

Innovation and Development Director

Holds a Master of Science in Sustainable Development, a Master of Science in Project Direction, and is an Industrial Engineer.
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