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Unemployment due to the lack of affordable access to content, skills and capacities needed to meet the demands of the job market and industries. This is further compounded by the inadequacy of ICT and Technical/Vocational infrastructure to spur innovation and entrepreneurship, leading to poverty.


An online and offline service which affordably provides users access to content and courses on digital skills and entrepreneurial capacities, tailored to meet industry and job market trends; Technical and Technological infrastructure, as well as voluntary and professional human resources can also be acessed by users.


Students, job seekers and aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking for knowlegde content and resources, digital skills and entrepreneurial capacities in order for them to harness their potentials, secure employment and alternatively create enterprises of their own. Facilitators and professionals interested in making money and sharing their professional insights and experiences. Current job market and industry trends show that there is a demand for digitally literate and skilled workers as technology is continually being integrated into the workplace.


Samuel Prince Junior Bako

CEO & Business Innovation specialist

A graduate of BSc Computer Science and an MBA in Innovation Management, has won multiple grant awards and functioned professionally as a CTO, an innovation consultant and entrepreneurship coach.

Alfred John Opoku

COO & marketing expert

A graduate of HND Marketing and BSc Organizational Development, has worked professionally as an operations manager, CMO and project consultant. A youth empowerment enthusiast.
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