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Currently looking for:
financing, mentoring, networking, partnership



People with visual impairment face challenges in accessing information and job opportunities to improve their lives. Meanwhile most businesses do not provide accessibility for disabled people to use their products and services. At the same time employers are usually not aware that there are certain skill sets that disables have, which makes them suitable employees.


By applying digital accessibility services, we connect the gap between people with disabilities and businesses:

1) digital content writing training for the visually impaired helps widen their opportunity to improve their lives;
2) digital accessibility training & consulting for businesses help improve their products and services.


People with visual impairment who want to learn to improve their access and opportunities by adopting to new technologies and learning new skills (i.e. our digital content writing training) that will help them being hired. Businesses from any sector who want to improve their products and services to be more accessible for users of all conditions including people with disabilities. They will benefit by reaching a wider range of consumers/customers and being recognized as a business with social consciousness.


Rahma Utami

A bachelor of design from Bandung Institute of Technology and Masters from University of Sussex, has 10-year-experience in digital marketing consultation/agency as strategist, experience as a accessibility consultant in London, conducted public and academic digital marketing classes, broad network, and a mentor for social enterprises.

Talents portfolio:

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